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All new students are eligible to a free lesson 

What We Provide

At Bright Sparks Tuition we specialise in teaching GCSE subjects English, Maths, and Science from KS1 to KS4. With our bespoke courses, each class is individual tailored to meet the personal needs of each pupil. 


Our centre uses a tutorial system based on a series of face to face lessons, integrated with structured worksheets, textbooks, and digital learning. Our programs are renowned for being able to successfully help pupils overcome problems in spelling, reading, writing, mathematics, and science. We encourage children to take on new challenges and make the most of their talent. We believe that our partnership with parents is critical to achieving this.

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Our Approach 

We do not believe in quick fixes. Our sessions are long-term plans designed to complement schooling throughout the year, including holidays. Children often experience the positive benefits of this support immediately.


However, developing confidence is a long term process. As a result, some of our most powerful benefits are realised over an extended period of time. Increased enthusiasm, independence, knowledge, and skills are achieved and transferred directly into the classroom and other aspects of your child’s everyday life.

Currently, we offer 3 different types of sessions. 


1-1 lessons are tailored one to one sessions aimed at giving an individual child the support and guidance they need in either English, Maths or GCSE science. 


These sessions are in limited in availability so it is encouraged to enquire today to discuss further details. 

  • £25 per hour 


Group sessions are held in a maximum class of 6 students. We understand the need to be adjustable and fit into a schedule that best suits you, that is why we offer flexible lesson lengths ranging from 1, 1.5, or two hours depending on the year group.


We also offer sessions for 2 hours classes that cover both Maths and English across all age year groups, this can also include Science for GCSE sessions for a 3-hour lesson. 

  • 1-hour classes are priced at £17

  • 1.5-hour classes are priced at £20

  • 2-hour lessons are £25

  • 3-hour lessons are £35


Our bespoken program is a personalised 1-hour lesson planned solely for the student. It also emphasises in aiming to support parents in helping them navigate school connections. 


  • £25 per hour